There is a secret place that exists; unknown to most,

forgotten by many and lives on only for the few who believe.

Though you cannot look to a map to find this magical realm, it is still very real. In this world, lost on a plane that hangs in the twilight where one enters a dream as sleep takes over the body and mind; Imago lives on.

Here, as in all places where man dwells, the eternal struggle between good and evil plays out. There are places fair and foul, heroes that are larger than life and villains that one hopes exist only in our nightmares.

In this mystical world life is an extraordinary adventure where revenge and redemption, betrayal and salvation, and love; lost and found are woven together to create this rich tapestry of life.

Where is this realm you ask?

To find Imago all you must do is close your eyes and believe...


Just Imagine...